Why choose Grupeer?

Grupeer is different from other p2p investment platforms. We are creating a safe environment for our clients and offer three different investment types. Our primary objective is to bring high returns to our clients with minimal risk.

Our advantages


With Grupeer you have a choice where to invest to decrease your exposure to individual risks.
You can diversify your holdings with:

loans issued by credit market professionals to businesses

Grupeer Stability fund for a stable income over the years

loans financing the development projects

Highest yields

You will earn one of the highest interest rates offered on peer to peer lending market.

Currently our investors earn


per year on average

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P2P lending can be tricky, hence core pillar of our business is providing safe environment. Once you become an investor on our platform you can confidently invest, since we have done the homework for you. We have designed a screening model, which helps us to eliminate all risky loans and place only trustworthy. Additionally, all loan originators go through our due diligence process.


To give you more free time, we designed an Auto-Invest option. You can create an Auto-Invest strategy based on your chosen set of parameters such as desired yield, term or loan originator. Auto-Invest, by default, will invest in projects that you haven’t invested already, unless you specify otherwise. Additionally, you can set a limit on how much funds you want to be invested through Auto-Invest.


Grupeer is very careful selecting loans to place on our platform. Besides the screening process our loan originators go through, we require them to offer a BuyBack Guarantee for all placements. This means that for whatever reason the borrower has delayed the payment for 60 days, the loan originator is obliged to BuyBack the loan and pay our investors all delayed interest payments.

Referral program

If you are registered on Grupeer platform, you can additionally earn income by referring a friend or other internet users to invest with us. You will earn from 0.5% to 1.25% on all investments made by the person who joined us through your individual link generated by the system. This income is not dependent on your investments so you don’t possess any risks.

Investor Protection

Our clients can be sure the investing with Grupeer is safe, because they receive three-step-protection with regards to their investments.


Firstly, we want to highlight that Grupeer is providing a platform insuring the legal base, transaction control as well as the due diligence procedures by our highly skilled analyst team. We conduct research and financial analysis of the Partners (loan originators). It is our work to identify partners with real assets.


Secondly, investments are secured with BuyBack Guarantee. This means that if the borrower goes bust, our partner- the loan originator is required to buyback the defaulted loan and insure the repayment of the principal and interest in full amount.


And finally, all our originators are required to hold some amount of the loan they lend. This is called skin in the game and it encourages our partners to issue the loans responsibly. However, in the unlikely risk scenario that investors may encounter is the bankruptcy of the loan originator. All investors who have been affected by failing loan originator will be represented as a group by highly qualified lawyers appointed by Grupeer for this matter who will make sure investments are returned in full amount.

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