Stability Fund

Stability Fund

All investors have different investment goals, risk appetite and time horizon. The loan deals and real estate financing deals, that are available on our platform, are great for receiving high returns in a short period of time. Now, in addition to these great offerings, here at Grupeer we think about investors who have a very long investment horizon and want to receive stable income for extended period of time.

That’s why we are currently working on something exciting to offer you!
Soon we will introduce an innovative investment product -
Grupeer Stability Fund

Grupeer Stability Fund is an opportunity to literally buy a square meter in a real estate property, with a simple click of the button. This way an investor will be an owner of a fraction in the office building or any other development project which already generates income. After investing in this product, client will receive a stable rental income from 4% to 8% yearly.

Stable rental income

4-8% yearly

Long-term investment

This option is perfect for people who want to benefit from stability that investments in real estate offer, but don’t have the necessary amount of money usually required in this case. Grupeer Stability Fund will solve this problem!

This investment product will become an excellent source of passive income in the long run or even may serve as a safety cushion during your retirement years.

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