Recommend Grupeer to your friends and earn on our referral program

get 1% from all investments made by your friend during first 3 months
Grupeer will give your friend 10 EUR to start investing
share your investing experience and earn together with your friends

How it works?

Share your individual link
Share your individual link Referral link allows to track your earnings
Your friend gets 10 EUR bonus
Your friend gets 10 EUR bonus After your friend joins Grupeer 10 EUR will be added to his/her account automatically
You earn referral income
You earn referral income 1% of all investments made by your friend will be added to your Grupeer posting account


What is the Grupeer referral program?

Grupeer offers an opportunity to earn extra (passive) income by inviting friends and allows to get up to 1% of all their investments made for the first three months.

How can I join the referral program?

All Grupeer’s registered clients get the individual referral link, generated by the Platform. This link can be sent via e-mail or placed in any public Internet resources wherever it does not contradict the thematic content of such a resource and is not prohibited by the site owner and/or its terms of use.

Whom can I invite?

You can invite your friends, relatives or any other person, with whom you want to share your experience in Grupeer. The person you invite to Grupeer must be at least 18 years old and hold an account with a licensed credit institution in one of the countries of the European Economic Area or Switzerland. The full list of requirements that an invited person should meet to become Grupeer’s investor is available in Terms of Use.

How will my friend get 10 EUR from Grupeer?

After the registration process is completed, 10 EUR will be added to his posting account in Grupeer automatically.

How much will I earn on Grupeer’s referral program?

You will earn 1% from all investments made by friends invited by you.

How long will I earn with Grupeer’s referral program?

The referral commission will be paid during the first three months from the date when a friend invited by you invested his funds into Grupeer’s project.

When and how will I receive my referral commission?

Referral commission will be added to your posting account in Grupeer automatically after your friend makes an investment.

How often and how can I withdraw my referral commission, are there any extra fees for such payments?

You can withdraw the referral commision as often as you want, there are no extra fees for the withdrawals.

What is the minimum and maximum commission?

We have no limits for referral commission, the more referrals you have, the higher is your commission.

How can Grupeer help me with the referral program?

Grupeer will provide you with unique links, banners and additional information that may help you to promote our service and earn extra on our referral program.

Where can I find full terms and conditions of Grupeer’s referral program?

Full terms and conditions of cooperation with Grupeer you may find in Special Terms and Conditions

I still have questions. How can I contact you?

Please send us e-mails to [email protected]. The Grupeer Affiliate team will contact you as soon as possible.