Update of the Auto-invest

Grupeer is not standing still and is constantly improving. We are listening to our clients, to make our services more intuitive and user-friendly. We have introduced several updates to Auto-invest function that will make your investing experience more convenient.

We have added two new important features to the Auto-invest function and this article will guide you through these two important changes. In order to benefit from the new features please make sure that you edit the existing Auto-invest strategies, just like on the picture below.  Also, make sure to use them when creating a new strategy.

What’s new?

1)            Deal match calculator

For your ease and convenience Grupeer has developed the Auto-invest possibilities based on 12 different criteria. You can create up to 10 strategies, which satisfy your investment goals and risk appetite. You can choose the interest rate interval that is suiting your investment profile, how much can be invested through this particular strategy, what loan originator(s) you prefer etc. When you adjust all criteria to suit your preferences you will see how many investment deals will match the set parameters. This tool is a fantastic opportunity to see how restrictive or inclusive your set up Auto-invest strategy really is. If you are satisfied, you can save the strategy and you will know beforehand how many deals will be invested in, dependent on your balance. (Picture 2)

2)            Deal partner/ Loan originator criteria

The second update is an important one since it refers to the investment structure of the deals listed on Grupeer platform. Many clients already know, that Grupeer has listed loan deals by Finsputnik Platforma for a long time already and recently we have added indirect structure deals.

What does it mean?

With direct investment structure, investors obtain the claim rights directly against the borrower. Examples of such deals are provided by Monify, A24 Finance, Primo Invest, DoZarplati, and “classical” Finsputnik Platforma. Usually, it applies to business loans or development project financing deals.

With indirect investment structure, the investor buys a claim right to a loan issued by a partner company to the loan originator. The Grupeer company Finsputnik Platforma is a usual creditor to the loan originators and in this case, you can choose the criteria StikCredit/Finsputnik Platforma or Bosak Microfinance Bank1/Finsputnik Platforma and many more. The indirect investment structure is used more frequently with personal loans, as it is not convenient to place very small loans for investment, but also riskier for clients, as they get exposure to small individual loans with high default probability. So, with the indirect structure, the personal loans are pooled together and funded through a partner company.

Please make sure that in the Deal partner/Loan originator criteria you update your preferences. For example, if you want to invest in “classical” Finsputnik Platforma projects you should choose Finsputnik Platforma; if you want Stik Credit deals, you should choose Stik Credit/Finsputnik Platforma and so on.  Picture3

We hope that these updates will make your investing experience more enjoyable and we are happy to hear your feedback- what other Auto-invest features you would like to see in the future. Your Grupeer team!

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