The opinion on the P2P investments of a young investor

Grupeer loves collaborating with bloggers and to hear the success stories of our clients, that’s why we want to tell you the story of one Bulgarian Blogger – Stoycho Nedev.

Stoycho is a Bulgarian national with a passion for financial markets, who got fascinated about p2p investing, as it is one of the most democratizing tools and is available for a wide array of private investors. Stoycho writes a blog Vivainvest aimed at Bulgarian market. Grupeer prepared a special raffle especially for the readers of Vivainvest. The winner of this special raffle – Simeon Radev, was kind enough to share his experience about the investments he had made. Simeon explained why does he invests in P2P loans, what are the pros and cons of such an investment tool and what he likes about the platform. Below is the full interview:

Briefly, tell us about yourself. How old are you, what are you doing? Are you usually so lucky and have you won other awards?

My name is Simeon Radev and I am 29 years old. I work in the programming field. I am interested in technological innovation, investment, automation, machine learning and almost everything related to computers. Every week I go to the cinema, read thriller books and try to improve and develop. I love nature, I ride a bike and play table tennis.

I’m a calm guy, slightly introverted. I feel very lucky in life. Things have always happened to me, as if with ease and at the right time. I have earned prizes and bonuses when registering and investing in P2P platforms, and now Grupeer ‘s lottery for investors who have joined via VivaInvest .

How and when do you invest?

My first “investment” was a bank deposit back in 2013, which was very profitable. I was extremely pleased with the yield until the bank was declared bankrupt. I was lucky enough to withdraw my money and all the accumulated interest a few days before the bank closed its doors. So, I did not have to wait six months until I got them back.

I transferred the amount to several “conservative” euro/leva bond funds. One had a substantial part of bonds denominated in dollars, but they assured me that the risk was hedged. Alas, after 6 months and about 6% loss, it turned out that the hedging instrument in question was too expensive and the portfolio manager thought it was not worth it (or at least that what he explained to me). Well, right in those months, the dollar has made a significant drop against the euro, which has led to real losses for me.

After this, I’ve been thinking about buying a property, which was my lifelong dream. After a brief analysis, I decided this idea, as the investment is not entirely passive and requires a lot of tenant and property maintenance. I wanted to have more liquidity, which is not characteristic of property investment. So, by mid-2018, most of my savings consisted of a deposit with an interest rate of less than 1% a year, and a small part of the “conservative” funds, whose charge ate any profitability.

When and how did you discover P2P investments?

I have heard about P2P investments a years ago, but it sounded too exotic and I didn’t understand the idea entirely. In 2018, while exploring the opportunities for investing in P2P platforms, I came across VivaInvest blog. That same day I made a symbolic transfer to one of the platforms to test the platform. I tried and I was pleased with the results. I use the moment to say that I read almost all VivaInvest analysis and I am grateful for the effort of Stoycho Nedev.

Why did you decide to invest in Grupeer? What do you like and what needs improvement?

I decided to invest in Grupeer primarily for diversification purposes. The loans on this P2P platform are quite different from the others I invest in. I like the simple and easy way to work with the platform. Of course, profitability is also not to be neglected. In my opinion, the most important improvement should be in the direction of detailed information about the originators. This is important to me, and there is almost no such thing at the moment. (Grupeer comment: thanks for mentioning this, in upcoming few days Grupeer will be launching loan originators’ section on our website.)

Are you satisfied with the results you achieve with P2P investments and what do you like most about them?

I am extremely pleased with the results. I would hardly point out an alternative with a similar return that would fit my risk profile. I mostly like that P2P investments are relatively passive and at any moment you have information about what’s going on with your money.

What do you use to transfer money to P2P platforms?

I’m using Paysera. I have no problems with them.

Thanks to Simeon Radev for sharing his experience and experience with us all. Not all people tend to talk about their investments openly. We hope shared information will be useful to everyone.

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