Statement from Grupeer co-founder Alla Kisika

P2P investing market has been shaken by recent events. Grupeer and me personally, is being asked a lot of questions about our company, our people, our projects and our vision of the P2P investing industry. Of course, Grupeer is sad to watch how the trust deteriorate, however it is normal that […]

15 Famous quotes that will help you succeed as a P2P investor

Despite P2P investing is a relatively recent phenomenon, which draws attention from all over the world, it still has the same fundamentals as traditional investing. We have collected the powerful quotes of mastermind investors and discuss what are the main takeaways and what you can learn from them to become the […]

Peer-to-Peer lending and the UK

On 4th of July 2019, FCA (the Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK has confirmed new rules for P2P platforms.1 The UK watchdog is one of the frontrunners in financial regulation among other jurisdictions. This article aims to clarify what changes will be implemented and who will be affected. It does […]

Important takeaways from P2P Conference

On 7th-8th of June, 2019 Riga has hosted the first ever P2P Conference organized by Target Circle. The audience included famous bloggers in P2P lending sphere, individual and institutional investors, loan originators and, of course, the P2P investment platforms. Grupeer had a pleasure to talk to bloggers and investors. Some questions […]

What has happened to Lendy?

Last week, on 24th of May 2019, the British peer to peer lending company Lendy has collapsed- it is the biggest peer to peer platform crash to date in Europe. Many investment professionals say that this is what comes with higher yields- higher risks, while many private investors became cautious- “is […]

5 reasons why 2019 is a great year to start Peer-to-Peer Investing

It is believed that the financial crisis happens every ten years and it has been more than the decade since Lehman Brothers crashed. Are you getting worried as an investor? Peer to peer investments marketplace is here to help if you are cautious about your investment portfolio and the effects of […]