Things you should know about Coronavirus and investing

COVID-19 (or Coronavirus) was first reported in China in December 2019. The disease has spread globally, infecting 182k people, at the time of writing. Governments around the globe has acted fast to prevent the spread of the disease. Policy measures include quarantine, school, and border closures, cancelation of public events, many […]

How to survive ETF bubble? Hint: P2P

Everyone has probably seen the movie “The Big Short” based on the novel of the bestselling author Michael Lewis. The main character, based on true events, has made a prediction back in 2005, which increased the value of his fund by 489% when it was fulfilled. Now, the same person is […]

5 reasons why 2019 is a great year to start Peer-to-Peer Investing

It is believed that the financial crisis happens every ten years and it has been more than the decade since Lehman Brothers crashed. Are you getting worried as an investor? Peer to peer investments marketplace is here to help if you are cautious about your investment portfolio and the effects of […]