5 Auto-invest strategies that will make you the master of passive income

Grupeer is proud to have advanced Auto-invest functionality, which allows our clients to earn a stable passive income with no interruption. If you are not using any Auto-invest strategy, you are missing out. But if you are using it, how to set up criteria to maximize the earning? Read this article […]

Reflection on the past and future plans

In May 2019 Grupeer decided to find out how happy our clients are and what can we do better. We are aware that there are many things that we can improve, however it is always rewarding to know that we are on the same page with our clients. Grupeer decided to […]

Update of the Auto-invest

Grupeer is not standing still and is constantly improving. We are listening to our clients, to make our services more intuitive and user-friendly. We have introduced several updates to Auto-invest function that will make your investing experience more convenient. We have added two new important features to the Auto-invest function and […]