Statement to investors

Dear investors!

Grupeer as a company and me personally get a lot of questions about the current state and actions that the company is taking now. We share your concerns and want to update you about the steps that Grupeer takes to overcome this situation.

As we mentioned previously, Grupeer is working on an operational plan, but now we have a clear understanding that the development of such a plan will take much longer than previously expected.

We started to contact all of our loan originators to clarify the situation with the fulfillment of their obligations to Grupeer, but communication now is extremely complicated by the circumstances caused by the COVID-19 crisis. So, as we can see, this process will be much more complicated than expected. Nonetheless, we will contact each one of them to get the official statement on the current situation. We understand that the COVID-19 crisis affected all business areas, and our loan originators suffered harder than others, but Grupeer will take all legal measures to make sure that they will fulfill their obligations to us according to the agreement.

Many of our partners are using the extraordinary circumstances in bad faith and are looking for ways to avoid fulfillment of their obligations. Our legal team is working to stop such activities.

We experience difficulties with our payment systems, a part of our bank accounts were recently blocked and we are working on that too.

I want to assure you that Grupeer plans to continue to work hard to overcome all difficulties. We hear your questions and prepare all the explanations. Please follow Grupeer’s blog to get the most recent official information from the company.

Alla Kisika, CEO

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