Progress report

Dear investors,

As we informed you before, today we would like to inform you about further developments regarding portfolio performance audit and payments to the investors.

First, we would like to start with good news. On Wednesday, June 30, when we distributed the first results of the portfolio performance audit, several loan originators displayed proactivity and contacted us to negotiate repayment of the amount due. Thus, it improves the situation for the investors and will allow us to repay the amount due faster.

Changes in the investor groups:

From 3rd to 2nd group: Finsputnik/Nord Card  and Finsputnik/Mikrokasa. 

From 4th to 2nd group: Finsputnik/“Saules Kredīts” and Finsputnik/Pozyczka Pieniedzy, Finsputnik/IbanCar World, Finsputnik/Stik Credit.

We would like to clarify that investors, who invested in the projects that ceased cooperation with Grupeer, will receive a full refund of their invested principal amount only without any interest rate as these projects were never launched. 

However, investors of the 2nd group loan originators will receive interest rate payment for the whole standstill period from April 1st till June 30.

All amounts in the investor’s cabinet will be updated till 15th of July.

Current status of loan originator groups and due amount is:

Group Loan originators Total amount due to investors
1. Ready to pay the principal

Status: Ceased cooperation

Number of investments


Stange (Northcon Norge)

Alibegov Center (Primo Invest)


165’399 EUR
2.Ready to pay

Status: Ready to pay, waiting for the bank account.

Number of investments

44 074

Finsputnik/ Cash-U Finance

Finsputnik/ Mikrokasa

Finsputnik/ Saules kredīts

Finsputnik / Pozyczka Pieniedzy

Finsputnik / Nord CardCredito 

Finsputnik/DoZarplati DoZarplati 

Finsputnik/e Mkopo A24 FinanceDyninno Fintech Holding (EcoFinance)

Finsputnik/IbanCar World


Portfolio value

12’521’702 EUR

Amount (principal & interest rate) due to the investors 30.06.2020.

2’525’605 EUR

3. Ready to pay, extended schedule

Number of investments





Status: ready to pay, waiting for the bank account, have financial difficulties

Cube Funder

Status: the terms of payments are extended due to the Coronavirus crisis.

Portfolio value

12’743’087 EUR

Amount due to the investors 30.06.2020.

660’276 EUR

4.Legal actions to protect the interests of investors 

Status: refusing to communicate, taking advantage of the situation to avoid liabilities

Number of investments


Finsputnik/Lime Loans South Africa

Right Choice Finance

Portfolio value

3’917’109 EUR

Amount (principal & interest rate) due to the investors 30.06.2020.

738’271 EUR

5. Difficulties, still preparing an action plan for investors

Status: Deadline July 20, 2020

Number of investments


Finsputnik/Lion lender,

Finsputnik/ Monetria, 

Finsputnik/Epic cash, 

Finsputnik/Planeta Cash, Primo Invest

Portfolio value

20’841’858 EUR

Secondly, we would like to clarify the procedure of repayments. We are planning a one-off payment to the bank accounts of the investors, who transferred funds to their Grupeer account but did not invest it (total amount due 56’655 EUR), and those investors who invested in 1st group loan originators (165’399 EUR).

If you belong to one of these investor groups we are kindly informing you that as soon as we will finalize negotiations with the payment system, we will contact you individually and inform each of you about refund of your individual amount. 

Thirdly, as we stated in our previous announcement, we are informing you about the status of investors, who are in the 3rd group. Those who are ready to pay, waiting for the bank account of Grupeer, but have financial difficulties and who have asked to extend repayment schedule.

Loan originator Ready to pay, extended schedule
Cube Funder Cube funder has temporarily deferred the payment of monthly interest for up to the next three months while the company waits for the outcome following lockdown to be clearer. Loan originator will then arrange repayment of the deferred interest over a period to be agreed once there is some clarity on what things look like ‘post-lockdown’.
Finsputnik/Platforma The loan originator has kindly asked for a 60 days period of grace and to reschedule the repayment of the principal amount.The amount in the investor cabinet will be updated until 15th of July.
Monify Confirmed outstanding balance, approved new schedule of payments.The company has stopped lending new loans, made cost cutting, reduced its staff with current focus on debt collection.

If you have any questions regarding the matter, please visit the section of the hot FAQ on our website. If you still cannot find an answer to your questions, please contact us via e-mail [email protected]

Thank you once more for your patience and understanding!

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