New referral program

Do you know that besides the investment opportunities in Grupeer, you can also earn on our internal “Refer-a-friend” program?

A significant part of our investors have already appreciated the benefits of the Grupeer’s referral program and have been receiving an extra income on sharing their successful investment experience with Grupeer. The terms of our referral program were recently revised and now are even more attractive. Discover the changes to our program and discover how you can benefit from it!

Who can become Grupeer’s referral?

The company offers all Grupeer’s registered investors to participate in the referral program. If you are investing with us, you surely have some information to share. Right after the registration and KYC processes are passed, you get an individual referral link. It means that all of Grupeer’s investors could become referrals. 

We are sure that the terms of our referral program fit any needs.

What if you want your close friend to find out about investments in Grupeer? Great idea! Send your referral link via email and 10 EUR will be added to his/her account in Grupeer right after the registration. That’s how you’ll give your friend not only a chance to start his own investing experience, but also an initial capital that he can use for the investment. 

In order to make your investing experience even more pleasant, we offer a welcome bonus. 10 EUR is the minimal amount enough for the first investment and it will surely show the investor what are the steps that he/she needs to take in order to invest with Grupeer. 

What if you have a website or social media where you can tell more about earning opportunities in Grupeer? You can use the referral link or special Grupeer’s banners to promote p2p investing and show how you earn. This approach will allow you to make a referral commission a significant part of your income and grow your influence among the p2p community.    

How does it work

Terms of Grupeer’s referral program were recently renewed and as it was mentioned above, now affect both parties – the investor who is inviting his/her friends to Grupeer and the invited friend. 

After you share your referral link and the invited friend registers on Grupeer, he/she will automatically get the welcome bonus. If your friend starts investing real money, you’ ll get 1% from all investments made by him during the first 3 months. 

Your referral commission will be added to your Grupeer posting account. You can use this money for investing or they might be withdrawn according to standard Grupeer’s withdrawal procedures. 

What promo materials could referrals use?

As we mentioned above, all Grupeer’s investors can use a referral link – a unique instrument that allows tracking all the investment-related data about your invited friends. 

The other promo tool that can be used for your website or social media are special Grupeer’s banners, they are also linked to a unique tracking link.

Statistics – a special part of the referral program – allows seeing how much you earned by referring friends. This part includes the number of sent emails, registered users, the amount of invested funds and the total sum that you earned. 

So, as you can see, terms of the referral program are profitable, mutually beneficial for the referrals and the invited friends, statistics is easy to track and transparent. Grupeer welcomes you to our referral program!

If you have any questions, please contact our affiliate department: [email protected].

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