Management of repayment process

Dear investors!

To ensure and speed up repayments to investors Recollecta takes over debt collection and management of the repayment process, while Grupeer takes the necessary steps to restore business operations and the bank account.

We informed all loan originators that have previously expressed readiness to repay owed payments that Recollecta is ready to accept the money transfers, so all banking details, agreements, and outstanding balances were sent to them. 

As soon as the loan originator transfers Recollecta the amount due, within 5 banking days Recollecta ensures payment to the investors according to the payment schedule. Any payments will be carried out to the investors who have completed the KYC process.

Grupeer will be working on payment calculations and will be responsible for the communication with investors. 

 We will keep you informed about our communication with loan originators and the repayment process. 

Last several months Grupeer’s actions have been directed towards stabilizing the company and to fulfil liabilities towards our investors.

We intend to resume the full operation of Grupeer as a company and a legal entity. To do so, we continue our work to streamline or AML and risk policies and processes, as well as improve and strengthen our IT platform and become part of the regulated finance market.

Grupeer Team

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