Investor’s cabinet status update

Dear investors!

There have been updates in the investor’s cabinet. Now, all Loan Originator projects finished by June 30th, 2020 (including), have status “Pending” in the investor’s cabinet.

The information about pending payments is available in the Withdraw section of Deposit/Withdraw.

As soon as the loan originator transfers the amount due, we will change the status of these particular projects to “Paid” and will transfer the funds to the investors’ accounts.

Please note, funds will be available for withdrawal only for those investors who have passed the updated KYC procedure. We kindly ask all investors who have not yet submitted an updated KYC questionnaire to do so as soon as possible, because only after we have all investor KYC information, we will be able to finalize AML & Risk policy updates with the banks and renew operations of our bank accounts.

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