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On the final week of April 2019, Grupeer has placed a new real estate development project for investment- Impersky. We are very excited about this building, as it is satisfying all criteria for successful investment and will be a landmark in the center of the Belarusian capital. Let’s learn what is so special about this project.

The name of the building is not random- “Impersky” in Belarusian is consonant with “Empire”. Empire is something grandiose, just like the design and scale of this real estate development project. It starts with the architectural project and ends with the prime location in the center of Minsk. Read this article and find out 7 reasons why this is one of our favorite projects and what makes it a winner deal for Grupeer investors.

1. Location, location, location

Any real estate professional knows that one of the most important criteria of the demanded property is the location. As Impersky primary is a hotel and a business center, it is very important that it should locate in the area accessible to tourists and business travelers as well as a convenient place for conducting business operations. This development project satisfies both: it is located on the Klary Tsetkin street, the prime district of Minsk, where offices of international companies are situated, banks and several ministries. The street Klary Tsetkin is considered one of the main transportation links in Minsk. Besides that, the building is very close to Frunzenskaya underground station. The railway station and bus stations are also very close. Additionally, in 2020 the opening of the new (200 meters distance to the station) underground station is planned.

2. Satisfying the demand for office space

In one of our blog articles, we have written that Minsk is experiencing scarcity of the quality office space. The thing is, Belarus is sometimes referred to as “Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe” thanks to its booming IT industry. The roots for this are really deep- first of all the strong engineering background that has been laid since the USSR. Secondly, in 2005 the president Alexander Lukashenko has signed a decree on “High Technologies Park”, which gave a kickstart to the growth of many innovative startups. Thirdly, Belarus attracts multinational tech-giants such as Facebook to outsource IT-professionals.

More than 60% of available type A and B office space is rented out by IT companies. Colliers International estimates that the gap between supply and demand is around 110,000 sq. meters, thanks to the growing IT industry. A lot of demand is coming from small companies 5-7-people start-ups. This is perfect for investors in the Impersky development project, as this building is going to satisfy the demand for big companies and smaller highly technological start-ups, thanks to different sizes of rented space.

Each floor of the business center from 2nd to 13th floors will be approximately 600 sq. meters. The top floor (14th) will accommodate the 2-floor luxury office space with total area of 1000 sq. meters. The unique feature of this super-office will be the separate entrance for the employees of the tenant company.

To satisfy the workflow of the highly technological companies the building will have a reserve power generator, which will be a safety cushion in case the electricity will work with interruptions. For the most demanding tenants, there is a possibility to provide external electric generator as well.  The best proof that the office space is in demand is that square meters at Impersky are already selling out.

3. Experienced real estate developer

The general contractor, who is realizing the project has an impressive track record-residential building of different size and difficulty. One of the famous previous projects is a prestigious townhouse village in Minsk, Belarus. The impeccable reputation of the general contractor allowed to secure partial financing from one of the largest Belarusian banks. The project is already on the stage of construction and it is possible to see the progress through online reports here. The completion and submission of the project is planned for April 2020.

4. Sustainable Construction

The developer has very strong values and all projects that are built satisfy the sustainability criteria, additionally, the company provides high social-economical protection for its employees. The project will have a minimal effect on the environment, by using the plant-based surface, planting additional trees around the building and preserving the present plants, where possible. The ecology of the city won’t be affected by the new development project.

5. Multi-functionality

Impersky is a multi-purpose building, which will include the A and B types of office space, hotel including serviced apartments and two 500 sq. meter conference rooms, which will be great for business events and celebrations. Besides that, Impersky will have an Olympic size swimming pool, fitness center, and a restaurant. For the convenience of tenants, the on-site private underground parking will accommodate 155 cars. Additionally, the building will have overground parking for visitors. The Building will be served by three elevators.

sq. meters
Hotel+Apartments 9144
Fitness center+SPA 1382
Offices 8000

6. Architectural ensemble

Impersky has a very elegant design and is consisting of three building sections, which go very well together and are making up a very harmonic and spectacular design. The tallest part is office space, which will have 14 floors, the hotel part will have 10 floors and finally, the administrative part with spa, restaurants, and pool will have 3 floors. This unusual architectural solution will be a great addition to the architectural scene of the central Minsk. Besides that, the building will have panoramic windows with the beautiful 270-degree view of the city. Additionally, it will provide natural light in the workplace, regardless of the office set-up.

7. Modern construction techniques

Impersky will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology that will satisfy the most demanding tenants. The interior design will be luxurious and will serve for many years to come.  The ventilation system will recirculate the air twice per hour, while the coefficient of usable space is 95%.

We hope that now you are not hesitant about investing in this amazing real estate project. Grupeer always looks for not only high-return investment opportunities for our clients but also landmark projects that will serve the community. This project satisfies all our criteria to pass it on to our clients. We wish you happy investments, follow the link to see the offerings of our real estate deals.

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