Grupeer statement

Dear investors!

This is a call for your understanding and reasonable behavior.

Whilst the current market situation is not based on traditional factors and poses unique challenges, our team has been working hard to protect our joint business interests. We have previously informed you that we are working on a detailed operations and business plan for the next months.

However, recently we have been confronted with new difficulties, deliberately and unnecessarily created by several of our investors.

We have been receiving notices from loan originators that they have been contacted directly by a considerable number of investors urging not to repay the outstanding funds to us, but directly to them.

These uncoordinated activities have caused understandable concerns for several loan originators. Some, in our view, in bad faith have notified us that because of the investors’ activity they are completely suspending all repayments to us.

If our loan originators do not honor their commitments, we cannot fulfil ours.

Furthermore, a considerable number of investors have contacted our employees and even their family members with personal attacks and in some cases criminal threats, which we have brought to the attention of the police.

All of the above makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to prepare and implement the plan for our future operations.

Therefore, we ask you to stop activities that are causing direct losses to everyone and disrupt business.

Deliberate disruption of business in conditions, which already are extremely challenging, must have consequences. Our legal team is now collecting and documenting evidence of the damaging behavior to instigate legal proceedings and hold the individuals concerned responsible for their actions.

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