Grupeer statement on the current situation

Let’s keep a calm approach and think long term!

Many countries have declared a state of emergency due to the rapid spread of COVID- 19. Overall volatility in financial markets has risen to 2008 levels and investors are worried. While capital markets experience disruptions, your return remains stable with Grupeer, explains Grupeer CEO Alla Kisika.

Despite this week’s developments in financial markets, we continue to encourage investors to stay calm and look at their investments in the long term. Investing in P2P loans remain alternative for growing your income in times like these and gives the opportunity to diversify.

While some stocks have dropped and interest rates are falling down P2P loans on Grupeer are still on a stable 12 – 14 % as they used to be before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Even though we are working from our remote home offices, we still ensure full service from all departments and we are continuing to work on new projects, partners and other developments for our investors. We just launched a new loan originator from Poland – Dziesiatka Finance and a development project in Norway.

What measurements are we taking to strengthen our position at this stage

The development projects that are listed on Grupeer platform are in the regular construction mode. We are closely monitoring the macroeconomic and real estate market situations, and we have been and will remain conservative in making credit risk decisions. Our development projects are located in different countries like Norway, Belarus, Sweden etc. and this also minimizes our investors’ risks.

Grupeer main listed business loans are micro-financial organizations that are working fully – online and who sees raising demand from their customers for extra cash to fill in the disruption in their regular incomes.

Despite the turbulent times, we truly believe that every crisis contains lots of new beginnings and opportunities for all of us. It reminds us of what is important.

Please contact the Grupeer Customer Support team [email protected] in case you have some questions or you need help in your investment journey.

Please keep your loved ones safe and keep it calm!

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