Grupeer Santa

2019 is going to end soon and it is the time to wrap up the good things that have happened this year. Overall Grupeer has seen incredible growth in investors and the monthly investments. In November 2019 the monthly investments were more than 150% greater than in January! The investors’ family grew to more than 20,000 people!

Santa who?

Grupeer wouldn’t be where it is now without its clients and that why the Surprise Grupeer Santa has arrived this year to decide who was naughty or nice! Just kidding, no noughties, just the nicest investors were chosen to get the Christmas gifts and recognition from Grupeer. More precisely, each Friday, starting on the 6th of December until the 27th of December Grupeer will announce the winner in each category.

20×20 for 2020

Besides that, Grupeer Santa will reward Todocrowdlending as the publisher with the largest Spanish auditorium and Passives Einkomen mit P2P with German auditorium who invested in Grupeer in 2019. Anyone who registers through their affiliate link and invests at least Eur100 between the 6th-31th of December will get an opportunity to win Eur20! To celebrate the upcoming year 2020 there will 20 winners who will get 20eur! 20 lucky winners will be announced on the 2nd of January 2020!

Below is the description of categories, in which Grupeer investors are nominated and rewarded by Grupeer Santa:

Friendliest Investor

  • Friendliest investor: investor, who referred the biggest number of friends in 2019- Announced 6th of December

The power of P2P is in its democratizing nature. Anyone, who is 18 years old can invest as little as Eur10. Investing is not a privileged tool anymore to secure your financial well-being. That is why we think if you have discovered investing in Grupeer, you should spread the word. Hence, the investor who invited the most friends, will get an award!

The most diversified

  • The most diversified investor: the investor who invested in the most investment deals in 2019- Announced on 13th of December

Even though P2P investing is breaking the rules of traditional investing, you shouldn’t forget the golden rule- do not put all your eggs in one basket. Or in this case, do not invest all your money in one or a few deals. Hence, the diversification-guru will get a reward from Grupeer!

The Auto-invest master

  • The Auto-investor: investor, who invested the most via Auto-invest in 2019- Announced 20th of December

Grupeer is proud of our advanced Auto-invest functionality and therefore we are pleased when clients are appreciating it. So, the third reward will go to the client, who has invested the most with the help of Auto-invest this year.

Investor of the year

  • Investor of the year: chosen based on three criteria above (how many friends referred (30%), how many different projects invested (30%), turnover via Auto-invest (40%)- Announced 27th Of December

This “humble” nomination goes to the client, who has embraced all the good things that Grupeer has to offer. The investor of the year will be chosen based on the combination of the above-mentioned criteria. We love active clients and their continuous feedback that allows us to become better and improve our services.

What will the winners get?

The winners in the first three categories will get the engraved award plus the gift card from Baltic Travel Group worth Eur1000, which will cover the travel expenses to any destination (flights, hotel, etc.)

The investor of the year will get the engraved award and the same gift card, but worth Eur3000.

Welcome, 2020!

Grupeer is happy to see the good results of 2019 and even more excited to welcome the new year. 2020 will be full of ambitious plans, challenges, the second P2P conference in Riga and the growing demand for P2P investments from all over the world. Let’s make the next year even better, and who knows, maybe next year Grupeer Santa will stop by your door.

Happy Festive season!

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