From giant bank to micro loans

Grupeer is proud to announce that we have added the new loan originator from Poland- Pozyczka Pieniedzy. The parent company is Sando Money- an international provider of consumer pay-day loans. Sando money has extensive experience in the consumer lending sector, as they were among the first in that geography to offer fully online products back in 2012. Now, their expertise is gaining increasing popularity in Poland.

The road to Fintech

Prior to her professional career, the founder was a University student at the faculty of Economics. Since all family members were employees in banks, she dreamed of following the family footsteps and to work in the financial sector. Eventually, the founder began working in Sberbank of Russia as Deputy head of the credit department, then worked for five years as deputy director of the branch, carried out operational management, actually engaged in both internal and external business processes. (NB: Sberbank is the largest Russian bank measured by total assets (USD 418 Bn.); the second largest bank’s total assets are just half of Sberbank’s.) Experience in the Bank was very useful, as there is an understanding of the credit institution, its financial flows, regulations, liquidity, reporting, knowledge of regulatory standards and mandatory compliance with all regulatory standards.

It all started in 2012, when founders of the company have left Russian behemoth bank Sberbank and founded the fintech company that solely will issue loans online. The founders have spent more than 14 years in senior positions in the bank and saw that there is a niche in the consumer lending market.

In 2012 only commercial banks were working in this industry. Moreover, no one was issuing loans over the internet. The challenge was accepted and founders equipped with their own experience in the financial industry have contributed own funds and founded the consumer lending company in Lithuania – Sando Investment. In 2015 after the successful operation Sando Money opened the micro-lending company in Russia and finally, in 2017 the Pozyczka Pieniedzy was founded in Poland.

The brand name Pozyczka Pieniedzy, if translated from Polish means Loan Money and was chosen for the convenience of Polish consumers. Additionally, it is helpful for better results with search engines and SEO (search engine optimization).

How it works

Pozyczka Pieniedzy’s business model offers a fully remote cycle via the Internet 24/7, unlike traditional offline non-Bank credit companies it does not need a network of sales offices and credit agents, and it is not tied to the geography of the borrower’s residence.

To qualify for a loan the client needs to fill in the online questionnaire. The client’s information is checked at the initial stage by the scoring model, further by credit Bureau, checking information in social networks and the Bankcard. Company’s proprietary scoring model allows a multi-factor analysis of the borrower’s profile based on hundreds of criteria in automatic mode. More than 80% are rejected by the scoring model. It takes only 10 minutes from the moment of filling of the application to the decision to be made.

Due to the fact that the service is offered fully online, the usual customers are mostly modern active people who have a stable job, who are guided by the Internet. Frequent loan purpose is to borrow some money to solve the sudden financial issues before the payday. Majority of the borrowers have secondary specialized education and work in production, trade, services and already have a well-formed credit history aged 25 to 55 years old. Since the beginning of operations, Pozyczka Pieniedzy has had 50,000 customers. Currently, there are around 3,000 active customers.

The product

The core product is pay-day loans. From PLN 300 (Eur 70) to PLN 3,000 (Eur 700) for a period between 10 to 90 days. The first loan up to PLN 300 is free. Depending on whether the client is returning second or third time the maximum amount that can be borrowed increases. The repayment can be done with the single payment or extended to the next month. The average daily interest rate is 1%- this is the competitive level in this industry and is calculated according to the requirements of market regulators. The average loan amount is around 200 Euros, mostly loans are taken before the salary, to solve sudden financial issues and minor repairs. Currently, the portfolio of Polish company is more than Eur 2 million.


Today, it is very important for companies working in the financial technology sector to be ahead of time, so it is not advisable to develop only in the local market. Financial services should be as efficient as possible, which is possible only if you focus on the international market and the business model initially suggests the possibility of further international expansion. Therefore, the company operates in several European countries and is planning to enter the Spanish and Latin American market in the future. The success of this Group of Companies lies in the core values and mission of Sando Money- providing safe, quick and convenient consumer online loans to customers internationally.

In the beginning, the founders bet their own funds to open the first company in Lithuania, later the reinvested profits were contributed to open lending companies in Russia and Lithuania. To keep the strategic expansion and increase the lending volume the founders of Pozyczka Pieniedzy decided to raise additional working capital via P2P lending platform Grupeer. This kind of cooperations is always welcome by Grupeer as our mission is to bring a solid return to our clients and help to grow the promising businesses. We hope that you will find this an attractive asset to include in your portfolio.

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