Discover the finished project in Minsk!

Grupeer is not your regular p2p investment platform. On Grupeer you can invest in loan deals financing the businesses, personal consumption, and even real estate development projects!

The development projects on Grupeer are brought to you by our trusted loan originator- Primo Invest. Thanks to Primo invest- we were able to offer our clients investment opportunities into development projects in Belarus, Norway, and Sweden. This is one of the rare opportunities to earn 13% by investing in real estate!

We intend to show you more about where the money of our clients goes and what kind of projects are constructed thanks to the investments made through Grupeer platform.

Please meet the latest project in Minsk, Belarus- Pakros. Pakros is a multi-purpose building intended for the use of small businesses not far for the tube station located in the up and coming area of Minsk- Kamennaya Gorka. This area is located a bit further from the central Minsk; however, it is considered a growing and prestigious neighborhood. Unlike Central Minsk, where it is hard to get permission to build the modern offices, as the historical architecture is preserved by the government, in Kamennaya Gorka the new developments are welcome.

Pakros is already finished and is soon available for moving in. The final stage of the loan aimed at financing the interior works and is still available for investment here.

Meet and greet – Pakros!


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