LO transPEERancy: Cubefunder

Grupeer has proclaimed 2020 the year of transparency, or as we call it #transPEERancy, so we decided to make the series about our loan originators. Many of our clients ask us any questions, so we will publish updates about the great non-banking financial institutions that fulfill a variety of roles within […]

Grupeer partners with Dyninno Fintech Holding

Grupeer is proud to announce that we have partnered with Dyninno Fintech – an international group of companies that offers a wide range of cutting-edge financial services. Grupeer’s investors now have an opportunity to invest in loans of Holding’s lending arm – EcoFinance, issued in Moldova, Romania and other markets. The […]

Cash-U Finance- a piece of cake

Grupeer is proud to announce the partnership with a new loan originator- Cash-U Finance. The core mission of Cash-U loans is to help any person, who has appeared in a difficult financial situation alone. Blending together new technology, latest trends in cyber-security and state of the art machine learning algorithms, Cash-U […]

New Loan Originator from Russia- Monetria

What is most important when taking the payday loan online? The speed, of course! Our new Loan Originator Monetria is operating in the personal loan business in Russia and is challenging how quickly the loans can be accessed! How fast can we get? Russian payday loan market is over-saturated and the […]

Lime Loans: the global power of AI

Grupeer is proud to announce that we are welcoming the new loan originator Lime Loans from South Africa on our platform! Lime Loans was founded by the leading fintech company Lime Credit Group (LCG), which has established itself as the digital lending experts across different geographies. Their story Lime Credit Group […]

GoodBye Monify

Dear Investors,  We would like to announce that one of our Trusted Loan Originators – ”Monify JSC” will terminate their Loan offering on Grupeer platform with immediate effect. This change comes in place due to Monify’s strategic business plan. Monify was one of the first Loan Originators to commit to Grupeer with […]

New loan originator- Lion Lender

Inspired by the success of digital banks like Revolut and N26 the team of ambitious professionals has contributed their own savings and capital to start Lion Lender. The core team consists of professionals who have extensive experience in finance, IT, marketing, business development, data security and legal. They are coming from […]

This is Epic!

A new loan originator on Grupeer platform from Russia is targeting young professionals with a lack of credit history. Their solution is epic, read to find out more… The millennial and generation Z population in Russia is becoming the biggest consumption driver. This progressive population cluster needs modern personal finance products.  […]

When success at home is not enough…

e-Mkopo is a pay-day-loan provider in Kenya. It was founded by the successful Russian crediting company DoZarplati. Read the story about how Russian entrepreneurs decided to expand to Africa and found their place under the sun there. Success in Russia In February 2019 Grupeer has added a new loan originator from […]

When the sun is shining

The story of Sauleskredits.lv Grupeer is happy to announce that we are adding one more loan originator to our platform- Sauleskredits.lv from Latvia. Read their story and find out how do they manage to stay on top of the game in a very competitive market.   Who are Sauleskredits.lv? Many years […]