Reflection on the past and future plans

In May 2019 Grupeer decided to find out how happy our clients are and what can we do better. We are aware that there are many things that we can improve, however it is always rewarding to know that we are on the same page with our clients. Grupeer decided to […]

Update of the Auto-invest

Grupeer is not standing still and is constantly improving. We are listening to our clients, to make our services more intuitive and user-friendly. We have introduced several updates to Auto-invest function that will make your investing experience more convenient. We have added two new important features to the Auto-invest function and […]

Important takeaways from P2P Conference

On 7th-8th of June, 2019 Riga has hosted the first ever P2P Conference organized by Target Circle. The audience included famous bloggers in P2P lending sphere, individual and institutional investors, loan originators and, of course, the P2P investment platforms. Grupeer had a pleasure to talk to bloggers and investors. Some questions […]

What has happened to Lendy?

Last week, on 24th of May 2019, the British peer to peer lending company Lendy has collapsed- it is the biggest peer to peer platform crash to date in Europe. Many investment professionals say that this is what comes with higher yields- higher risks, while many private investors became cautious- “is […]

Grupeer’s Guide to Payment Systems

What do we know about the Payment Service Providers & Payment Institutions? The technological advancement has given a way to the development of highly technological companies, that aims to challenge the old banking system- the Fintechs. Just think about that- the traditional banking system has stayed relatively unchanged throughout many hundreds […]

5 reasons why 2019 is a great year to start Peer-to-Peer Investing

It is believed that the financial crisis happens every ten years and it has been more than the decade since Lehman Brothers crashed. Are you getting worried as an investor? Peer to peer investments marketplace is here to help if you are cautious about your investment portfolio and the effects of […]

Grupeer- earning through cooperation

Last summer Forbes Finland wrote about Grupeer’s success story. We are sharing this article on our blog so everyone can read how we have started and our adventure to become one of the most loved p2p investment platforms. Grupeer- a p2p investment platform is not only earning one of the highest […]

11 Benefits of P2P investments platform

P2P investments platform is a relatively new rapidly developing alternative investing asset class. More and savvier investors choose to put their money in p2p platforms as it is a profitable investment tool. If you need to know why you should join them, look no further, Grupeer has prepared this article to […]

What happens if loan originator fails

Is it safe to invest with Grupeer and what guarantees does the investor has? Our investors can be sure the investing with Grupeer is safe because they receive three-step-security in respect of their investments. Firstly, we want to highlight that Grupeer is providing a platform ensuring the legal base, transaction control […]