5 Questions about Impersky

One of Grupeer’s key competitive advantages is that we offer not only the investment opportunities in loan deals but also in the development projects. We do so because our founders have a background in the construction industry and they know how to spot a good real estate investment opportunity. The extensive experience allows to see the possible pitfalls and precisely estimate how the money is allocated and spent during the construction stages. This is the main reason, why we split our investment into tranches- this allows us to monitor the construction progress.

Who would imagine that with a click of a button you can invest in real estate as little as Eur10 in another part of the world? Grupeer has offered real estate investment opportunities in Scandinavia and Belarus. Belarusian development projects were located in Brest and Minsk. Some of them were successfully repaid and leased.

Soon, Grupeer will prepare a review of the successfully completed projects. In the meantime, we want to tell you more about another development project, which has been introduced on Grupeer platform in May 2019- Impersky. The construction process is going relatively fast and last week we have launched the third stage of the financing of this multi-purpose business center. Below is the list of questions and answers in case if you are still wondering why Belarus, or what are the upsides of investing specifically in this project. If you still would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

What is the current state of the construction?

The developer of the Impersky development project (Makronstroi) is in tight partnership with Grupeer and we can monitor the progress of the construction. Besides that, the developer is transparent with everyone else and is posting live updates on their website.  Besides that, you can watch this gorgeous video shoot made on 17 of October 2019 with the drone. All 14 floors of the business center are constructed, the exterior glass is already getting fitted. The developer is using modern techniques and fully maintains the sustainability requirements and criteria in line with world standards. Besides that, the workers on the site are fully socio-economically protected. The environment will have a minimal impact possible from the activities of the construction site.

What Impersky will offer?

The building will have three main sections: business center, hotel, and spa center. The business center will offer 8000 sq. meters of premium class-A office space, which will be 14 floors high.  The offices are already pre-booked and are expecting tremendous demand from IT companies and highly technological start-ups requiring small quality offices. Besides that, other international companies are showing interest, as this location will give access to the prestigious address, neighboring governmental buildings.

The hotel will be a separate part of the building 8-floors high offering luxury and economy rooms taking over 9000 sq. m. The hotel will feature the serviced apartments as well, which is essential for hosting foreign workers, who will stay for longer business trips in their Minsk-offices. The spa center and conference halls are going to offer entertainment for all guests- fitness club, restaurant, Olympic-size swimming pool, and even a casino. For the convenience of the visitors additionally to the on-street parking there will be two-level underground parking for 155 car spaces. Our blog article about the building is here.

Where Impersky is located?

Impersky is located in a prime location in Minsk, Belarus. The street where the building is standing is considered one of the main transportation links in Minsk. Klara Tsetkin street is neighboring the governmental buildings and offices of the international companies. Besides that, it is conveniently located to the transportation links such as the railway station (1.5km away) and the Frunzenskaya underground station (500m). Two other underground stations are 1.1km and 1.7km away. Isn’t this the most important when considering the conference venue or the location for the hotel.

Why Belarus?

You probably will be surprised, but Belarus is known as Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe! The thing is, Belarus has a solid base for such title- even during the Soviet times, Belarus was a front-runner in highly technological research. Thanks to this background, many high-class specialists were raised in this post-communist state. The cheaper workforce has attracted international tech giants to outsource the talent. This combination of factors has created a highly innovative ecosystem, which has produced many world-known start-ups, which later were acquired by international companies such as Facebook and  Rakuten.

Besides the closed political system, President Lukashenko recognizes the importance of foreign investors and technological export. He created laws and tax-breaks aimed at the international IT companies and now Belarus ranks second in CIS in Doing Business ranking.

Why Minsk?

In 2005 Alexander Lukashenko has passed a decree “On the High Technologies Park” in Minsk, which takes more than 120 -acres. The park aimed to attract foreign IT and AI companies by offering them tax-heaven and some elements of British law. The park is a success and is already home for AI companies from all over the world and some world-known start-ups. This initiative has worked magic and now the IT industry is booming. This has caused the supply and demand problem- now the office space is scarce in Minsk! Currently, IT companies are leasing a third of all available office space in Minsk. Moreover, the modern offices (class A or class B) are already scarce. Modern IT companies don’t want to lease Soviet-era offices, as this is not compatible with their advanced image and reputation. We have written a special blog article about the office space in Minsk here.

The completion of the project is planned for April 2020. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this exciting new project in Belarus!  Press here to invest, happy earning!


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