Recall information

Dear investors! We are removing blog entry from September, 14 regarding the licensing process on advice of our legal counsel. Our legal counsel has been in contact with the Financial and Capital Market Commission today and it is the Commission’s position that at this preliminary stage our blog entry may be […]

The status of Grupeer’s economic activity will not impact repayments

Dear Investors, As we have received several questions regarding the matter, we would like to clarify the meaning and the legal interpretation of “stopping of the company’s economic activity” to avoid any further misunderstandings. We already informed you back in April that Grupeer stopped economic activity by not accepting new investments […]

Status update: next steps regarding repayments to the investors

Dear investors, We would like to update you about current status with the repayments and debt collection processes. As you already know, since April Grupeer stopped the company’s economic activity – we stopped to accept new investments to focus on the priority – to fulfil liabilities towards existing investors. We hoped […]

Progress report 20.07

Dear investors, Our goal is to resume Grupeer’s operation, thus we are informing you about the current status and planned actions as our priority is to renew the trust of our investors. Herewith we would like to share with you Grupeer’s legal audit results on the company’s corporate governance, anti-money laundering […]

Investor’s cabinet status update

Dear investors! There have been updates in the investor’s cabinet. Now, all Loan Originator projects finished by June 30th, 2020 (including), have status “Pending” in the investor’s cabinet. The information about pending payments is available in the Withdraw section of Deposit/Withdraw. As soon as the loan originator transfers the amount due, […]

KYC update request

Dear investors, We are grateful to everyone who has already updated the KYC questionnaire, however unfortunately a large part of our investors have neglected this request. We trust that Grupeer’s investors are acting in good faith, thus, for the sake of all Grupeer investors, we are kindly requesting everyone who has […]

Progress report

Dear investors, As we informed you before, today we would like to inform you about further developments regarding portfolio performance audit and payments to the investors. First, we would like to start with good news. On Wednesday, June 30, when we distributed the first results of the portfolio performance audit, several […]

Portfolio performance audit key facts

Dear investors, We are grateful for your patience. During May and June we carried out Grupeer’s Portfolio performance audit. We must admit that the process was lengthy, and currently we are still waiting for an information update from part of our loan originators. Nonetheless we would like to share preliminary findings. […]

Know Your Client questionnaire: FAQ

Dear investors, Grupeer is working to stabilize the company, and one of the most important parts of that is strengthening the Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) policies. Updated KYC questionnaire was published in the Investor’s cabinet and we want to thank you for your prompt response.  We […]

Know Your Client questionnaire update

Dear investors, As we informed you before, Grupeer is carrying out a portfolio performance audit. It is one of the steps we are taking to stabilize the company. The other step we are taking as an investment platform is our contribution to a transparent financial system, i.e., observing Anti Money Laundering […]