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P2P lending on Grupeer Platform

Grupeer is an electronic trading platform that allows you to invest in secured loans, which have already been issued to trusted borrowers. Both private investors and legal entities that wish to receive passive income from their investments will be able to achieve annual profits of up to 15%.

The credit company, which issued a certain loan, remains interested in repayment and payment schedule compliance because this organization is the holder of the main debt claim.

Each registered Platform user can see all the information on a particular loan: the amount and purpose of the loan, the availability of collateral, the maturity date and the payment schedule. You independently analyze the information and decide how to direct your capital investment.

For example, you can repurchase the whole loan from the chosen creditor or only a certain part of it. All the time while payments on this loan are received the investor receives his profit, which is proportional to his investment share. At the same time, you can distribute your capital between several credit organizations - to invest in various types of loans, in different countries and for different borrowers.

Why is peer-to-peer lending with Grupeer safe?
If you are looking for a safe online investment opportunity, the Grupeer Platform offers a quite transparent loan scheme that excludes a large share of credit risks for the investor.
  • The Grupeer team consists of professionals in various business areas: finance, accounting, law. Grupeer’s top-management include specialists who have experience in implementing large investment projects at various financial areas. Therefore, we create an understandable and user-friendly peer-to-peer lending platform.
  • Grupeer experts conduct a rigorous and thorough selection of credit companies that are represented on the electronic trading platform. We cooperate only with professionals in the credit market, which have a сomprehensive system for verifying the solvency of borrowers and enter into a partnership agreement with them;
  • Borrowers pass scoring and compliance (If necessary).
  • We never expose a loan in 100% volume (no more than 95%). This ratio can be reduced at the discretion of independent experts;
  • All of our loan deals are provided with a guaranteed Buy Back, which means that a credit institution is obliged to buy its share of a certain loan from an investor if the borrower delays a payment for more than 15 – 60 days (redemption period depends on a counterparty and a project risk level).
  • We regularly monitor the financial condition of credit companies. A decision on further cooperation and the volumes of the published transactions is taken оn the basis of regular research of financial statements and accounts receivable;
  • Qualitative technical and legal support (we are able to give competent advice on the legal transaction mechanism) of our customers via e-mail.

We have done all our best to protect your financial investment in a proper way!

Today Grupeer is a dynamic electronic platform that offers safe investing of money in diverse credit products for every consumer. At the same time, the minimum amount of investments is only 10 euros and there are no maximum investment restrictions. As an investor, you can be assured of the reliability and profitability of all our offers!
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